Expert Social Media Tips: How to Create an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Instagram is all about interacting with people and gaining an audience who appreciates what you do. For this reason, maintaining an aesthetic feed is very important, to make your profile appear welcoming and relevant to your audience. This encourages them to interact more often and share your posts with other like-minded people.

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Aesthetic feed creates an identity to your account, which is necessary for attracting more people to your posts, whether they are related to news on your favorite football team or to the best Instagram spots in New York City.

This article will give you a better insight on how to make your feed more eye-catching and appear esthetical.

Identify your Market

It is vital to be aware of who your posts and activities are targeting to generate more relevant content.

Identify which industry your posts relate to, make sure you know what the people want and the usual topic of interest for them.

Identifying your audience ensures that content can be planned and executed according to their expectations, making your post has better meaning and a clear purpose.

Select the right color and theme

Setting a theme is one of the fundamental factors in improving your feed’s overall aesthetics. Consider making your feed more organized by adopting a pattern for them.

Switching between a picture and a quote consistently may make the content look visually pleasing to the audience.

Your posts should be made using a consistent color scheme, to draw attention towards a specific purpose.

For instance, content targeting kids may not appreciate a moody black and white theme, or using bright and vibrant colors on an account posting about the latest tech news may struggle to attract the right audience.

Edit Images before posting

Raw images contain imperfection and may not fulfill the audience’s expectations completely. Edit your photos for making them appear more consistent.

If you use a filter, then be sure to integrate it into all your content, to create a consistent balance and make them appear similar, even if the colors on the posts are different.

Editing also helps in making unique content, attracting more people to your posts.

Use stories

Make use of stories to keep your audience up-to-date. Make them aware of upcoming content before it is posted. Interact with the audience again after the post is uploaded, in this way stories help to create a good sequence of interactions with the audience, taking their views before and after postings which adds value to your content.

For a business, they can regularly post upcoming deals and promotions on stories, to get their followers informed effectively. News about new products can also be notified before it is uploaded to the account.

All top Instagram accounts have a clean and esthetical right feed, to generate a brand-like feel for their audience and build a purpose to what they post, helping them grow a satisfied and loyal following.