Is Instagram Still Growing?

Instagram is one of the most famous and fastest-growing social media platforms available today. It is indeed growing at a rapid pace and its growth does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. The primary reason for this is that Instagram is constantly rolling out new updates that keep its old and new users intrigued and hooked to. Other than being used for personal means, Instagram has now also become a major source of promotional and online activity for new businesses. A lot of businesses that have shifted their model online find solace in Instagram as they promote their products and services over there. Instagram has also become a convenient platform for businesses to engage with customers and lure them into buying their products. It is through Instagram that businesses increase their brand exposure and have also seemed to have developed a very swift and accurate feedback system that provides the firms with the opportunity of improving their overall operations.

Instagram is the platform that is being used for lots of purposes. One of the main purposes of using this platform both on a personal and a professional level is to stay connected with your followers. Followers are indeed the key to the success of any social media account and it is even more important in case of Instagram. In order to increase their followers, people and businesses resort to different ways. These ways can be both organic and inorganic in nature. Ideally, it is thought that having organic followers ultimately boosts the chances of a business to get more chances of having increased sales and ultimately get a boost in overall profitability as well.

There are a few major reasons for the growth of Instagram and why it is being preferred as the main social media platform today. This growth is expected to increase as well because of these reasons. The reasons are discussed in detail below.

Convenient Targeting

It is very easy to target and retarget your customer base or your desired target audience especially if you are running a business account. Instagram advertising can be cheap because of this specific reason. You can target a specific audience and expose your brand to the desired individuals. This means that in a way your advertising budget is not wasting. Effective targeting is possible due to the fact that Instagram uses locations, demographics, interests, behaviors as well as lookalike audiences for this purpose alone.

Effective Visual Marketing

Instagram is one of the best platforms where visual marketing is done most effectively. If your content is good and your overall layout coupled with your theme matches your brand and is easy on the eye as well as attractive, an increase in followers is definitely expected. Hence, whilst using Instagram, make sure that you make the most out of its features and focus on visual marketing.

High Customer Engagement

Customer and follower engagement is especially high when it comes to Instagram. Using different features like Instagram Live and other options when it comes to stories and posts, users can really gel in well with their desired audience.