Simple Tips to Increase Your YouTube Audience

Engagement is one of the most important elements for any type of online content or marketing strategy and there is one thing that, a lot of people do overlook. Especially nowadays, many people are resorting to focusing on vanity metrics meaning the number of subscribers they have but in actuality, this does nothing to their businesses.

Nowadays, people are becoming much more conscious of the fact that a channel has bought subscribers because if they have subscribers to likes ratio of even less than 1 percent then it is quite obvious for your audience that you have bought subscribers. Like, let’s say you have more than 50 thousand subscribers, and you are getting only 100 or 200 likes on your videos, then any person who has even little information about the ratio of subscribers and likes will come to know that your channel has bought subscribers. In this case, no brand would love to collaborate with you, so instead of buying subscribers, let’s focus on the true audience that will bring great engagement.

Here are some tips to increase your audience.

Research the Target Audience

Before making content you must be clear about who your target audience is and who the people you want to reach out are, and if you don’t know this, things might turn so scary. If you are running a gaming channel you must have gamers as your target audience, you can’t deliver gaming content to a fashion audience, cause if you do, you will ruin engagement on your posts. So, it is quite a necessary element to know who your audience is, and then develop appropriate content for those target audiences.

Set Goals

It is very important to set a goal. Setting goals in the sense that you must know that what kind of content your audience is expecting from you. You have to create your videos according to their tastes so that they may get back to you every time you post something new.

Research Your Competitors

If you want to increase your audience, you must know what your competitors are doing. You must take a look at what they are doing to promote their work. You should know how often they post on their channels. By doing this you can help yourself in two ways, firstly by keeping an eye on their work you can take the lead. If someone is posting on a currently trending topic and is getting a really good engagement, then you should also post on that trending topic. Secondly, you may know at which trending topic they are leaving a gap, and you can avail yourself the opportunity of filling that gap and increasing your audience.


The number of subscribers you have may also change the value of the audience coming to your posts. If you are having a greater number of people, more people will get notified every time you post, and in return, more people will get back to you. So, an important tip to increase your YouTube audience is to get more subscribers on YouTube.