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What’s New On Instagram In 2021

Instagram has evolved to be one of the most affecting social media platforms in the world. Now it has billions of users and is also known for the highest audience rates. However, the website isn’t only growing – it’s also evolving. That’s why we’re going to talk about all those new metrics and updates that have been brought out recently on the Instagram interface.

Professional dashboard

Instagram debuted a new tab called professional dashboard at the start of 2021. Consider it to be the app’s key dashboard. All of the critical tools and services are available within this new Instagram update feature.

Suggested posts

Instagram launched the suggested posts feature in August 2020. You’ll start seeing recommended posts after you’ve finished scrolling through the most recent posts of the accounts you follow.

Instagram has added plenty of new story stickers in recent months, which can help users have a more unique interaction. It’s not a mystery anymore that the global pandemic has wreaked havoc on companies, tiny ones. Instagram has created a “Help small business” sticker to show its support for small businesses. You can use this sticker to tag any company on Instagram. After that, your story ring will change, and you’ll appear first in story feeds.

Sharing your content on multiple accounts

This exciting feature will save you a lot of time, but only if you’re going to be sharing the same type of content to several Insta accounts. Essentially, you make a post for one ID and then check a few boxes if you want to share it with others.

Putting Your Story on Instagram and Getting Notified

Reposting stories where you’ve been tagged is becoming increasingly common these days. It’s essentially a type of user-centric content widely recognized as an effective social media marketing technique.

Creating story template

Instagram users can now experiment even more with story posts, thanks to the new creating mode. The main goal of this feature is to allow users to combine interactive stickers (such as questions stickers), text, and sketches without the need for a background picture or video.

Insights into IGTV

Instagram videos, which are more extended types of videos on Instagram, have gained popularity in recent months. As a result, Instagram decided to treat IGTV posts into default Instagram posts to make them more accessible to other people and expand their social reach. This ensures that your released IGTV video will show up in the news feeds of your followers. There is only one distinction. It will be a 60-second preview that will attempt to direct users to the full video.

Switching Instagram modes as per your preference

The new dark mode feature is in demand for quite some time now to save power on their mobile devices for a unique Instagram interface. And, in my opinion, it simply looks better.

As you can see, Instagram has recently added a slew of new features, including more advanced story features and more open IGTV stories, as well as softer versions of blocks. The social media site is constantly changing, so staying up-to-date is always a good idea.