Facebook Posts that Get Likes and Comments

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms of the last two decades. Businesses set up accounts to promote themselves there through posts, images, memes, and videos. They also make use of the Vervebook service or their own growth strategies to direct more traffic to their accounts. And actually, it’s reasonable to do like that.

To increase interactions on your posts, you should make your account more appealing to visitors or users that may happen to come across it. It is advisable to use eye-catching images, witty posts, and videos. A lot of businesses these days use memes as they are popular with the younger generation. To get people to your account, Vervebook is an excellent service you can use since this one promotes your account on your behalf on various platforms.

How does Vervebook operate?

It sets up accounts and uses an algorithm to locate people who are the target audience of your business. Then it messages them through the accounts explaining what you do and giving a link with your Facebook page. This creates an influx of visitors to your page and leads you to get organic likes and follows.


But how do you make people stay on your page?


They are easy to consume and absorb, and most people on Facebook communicate through them. Users gravitate towards them. Facebook users appreciate funny pictures, memes, jokes, and puns, but it’s essential to switch things up. If you’re inventive, you can always find a meme to relate to your niche, but it would be wise to also use eye-catching images of edits or different places. The thing to remember is, they should somehow relate to your business. For example, if you sell furniture, use attractive backdrops for the pictures of furniture that complement them.  Use infographics instead of text to share information as it is easy for people to understand graphical formats.



Ask short questions and conduct polls. People love sharing their opinion online and will not hesitate to drop a comment or vote in a poll. Polls especially make for good debates. You can conduct polls about any new products you want to launch. You should also share testimonials or maybe post any quotes with the backdrop of whatever your account wants to promote.



They are a very important marketing tool currently. You can even upload videos on YouTube and direct watchers to your Facebook page with a link in the comment section. To get more viewers, your videos should not be too long or boring. Go for concise, clear, and witty. Storytelling is highly advised. Tell viewers about experiences with clients or colleagues, success stories or inspirational stories will do. Apart from these, videos are a great way to promote a new project or product.


On the whole, there are many techniques you can employ to get interactions on your Facebook posts. Remember, people enjoy the content they can relate to, that is why funny posts have so many engagements. Users like voicing their opinions on polls or questions. Give the people what they want, and your Facebook posts won’t have any shortage of likes or comments.