What is the most popular video on YouTube right now?

YouTube is considered being one of the most important social media platforms nowadays, as it is the second most accessed search engine after Google. All the bloggers, vloggers, actors, news anchors, even doctors, and so on are a part of a social media community now through YouTube. It is not only a search engine now, but a channel to talk to your target audience actively. It is easily accessible, and it is user friendly, it caters to a vast target audience, every person might not have an account on different social applications. However, he/she, for sure, has open access to YouTube through smartphones or desktops. Therefore, there are more chances of a video getting viral on YouTube. 

Most popular video

The most popular video on YouTube right now is “Despacito” featuring Daddy Yankee, followed by “Baby Shark Dance.” The artist of Despacito is Luis Fonsi. The total numbers of views of this video are 6.92 billion as of today. This video got viral after being uploaded on January 12, 2017, as it was able to capture the billions of people’s attention. Luis Fonsi has 27.9 million subscribers on YouTube, and the number of comments on this video is 3.4 million. Moreover, thirty-nine million people gave this video a thumbs up, which means 39 million people liked the video. The hashtags used for the video are; hashtag Luis Fonsi, hashtag Despacito, and hashtag Impossible. The video is only four-minute, forty-two seconds long. 

The reviews of people on this video were very positive and supportive; their comments on YouTube videos were very encouraging and reassuring such as “when almost every single person in the world watched this video.” “Wow, for the first time, I have seen so many likes and comments, it means that a huge number of people watch this video every day incredibly” and “I was watching this video accidentally. Now I am watching it regularly.” Such comments show the love and support of the viewers and indicate why this video is trending to this date. No other video can hit the record of 6.92 billion views in the three years.


YouTube is one of the most important channels to get fame in this digitalized era. Everything is now online; every person in this media industry is on YouTube to compete with each other. People from every background and ethnicity are actively using YouTube even if they are literal or illiterate; they can operate the commands of YouTube. Every type of target audience can be catered through a video on YouTube. The video is easily shareable with family and friends. It is easily downloadable, and it is easily accessible. Despacito got on trending in 2017, and it is still the most popular video till this date, with 6.92 billion views and thirty-nine million thumbs up.